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ONN Frame @ Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome during Live Cinema Festival


is the first chapter of this metamorphosis. The eye and the ear of the spectator concentrate and reconcile on the visual experience of the protagonist of the performance accompanied by the musical narration.

The subject narrated is a person struggling with solitude in its most current meaning: a solitude made of devices, expectations, disillusionment and silence.

Working. Eating. Sleeping. Doing. In a reiteration that slowly gets lost in the already seen and turns into imagination: something magical, something that breaks down and becomes something else.

Original music. Video effects that affect the image. Atmospheres that mix up culminating in the only one great awareness: breathing.

Liz (me)

Visual, video effects


voice, loop station

Fabio Sestili

Sequences, fx

Giulio Maresca

Guitar, drum machine, keyboards


On stage it’s a band of 4 elements, three musicians, Ipologica and a vj, me. An electronic and sensory orchestra where everything happens in that moment, in order to never be always the same. Where the musical and electronic logics are guided by the only possible glue: human action.

Pentesilea: voice, loop station.
Fabio Sestili: sequences, fx.
Giulio Maresca: guitar, drum machine, keyboards.

LiZ: video effects

Gabor Kitzinger: Touch Designer
Emanuele Tarducci: Touch Designer

Booking and contacts

For booking enquiries please contact:

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All pictures by Giulia Natalia Comito